Alimentação Mediterrânica

A exposição decorreu na sala de Biologia entre os dias 15 e 19 de janeiro.


2016 – Ano Internacional das Leguminosas



Spread the word in your country

Pulses are an integral part of many diets across the globe, and they have great potential to improve human health, conserve our soils, protect the environment and contribute to global food security. Promoting pulses and their numerous benefits should be a priority for everyone. You can spread the word about the International Year of Pulses in your country by sharing the logo in your local language. […]

Dia Mundial da Saúde (World Health Day)

“From farm to plate, make food safe.”


 ‘Everyone, everywhere needs safe food, free from microbes, viruses and chemicals. But globalization means the food you are eating today may have come from the other side of the world. This video tells how we all have a role to make food safe – from farm to plate.’